This Course and Program Catalogue is effective from May 2023 to April 2024.

Not all courses described in the Course and Program Catalogue are offered each year. For a list of course offerings in 2023-2024, please consult the class search website.

The following conventions are used for course numbering:

  • 010-099 represent non-degree level courses
  • 100-699 represent undergraduate degree level courses
  • 700-999 represent graduate degree level courses

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ESL 116.3: Reading and Writing of Academic Texts

This course will teach non-native English speaking students the skills of critical analysis which are essential to being able to connect lectures, texts, and learning. Students will learn how to engage with and evaluate texts, use published material to support arguments, and express their thoughts and ideas clearly and convincingly. Students will be provided with reading and writing practice and receive individualized feedback. Readings in the course come from the area of Linguistics, intended to make students aware of their own language development.

Permission of the department required.
Prerequisite(s): Registration in this course is restricted to students who have completed Level UP2: High Advanced Academic English (U of S Language Centre), completed English as a Second Language (University of Regina: “ESL 050”), completed an English Proficiency Test (such as the TOEFL) as a condition of admission; or on the recommendation the U of S Language Centre. Such students must have completed fewer than 60 credit units in which English is the language of instruction.
Note: Students with credit for ESL 106 may not receive credit for this course.