This Course and Program Catalogue is effective from May 2024 to April 2025.

Not all courses described in the Course and Program Catalogue are offered each year. For a list of course offerings in 2024-2025, please consult the class search website.

The following conventions are used for course numbering:

  • 010-099 represent non-degree level courses
  • 100-699 represent undergraduate degree level courses
  • 700-999 represent graduate degree level courses

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INDG 990.0: Seminar

All students will be required to register in and attend for one year INDG 990 (Graduate Seminar) and offer one seminar on their thesis research prior to graduation.

Note: This course was labeled NS 990 until 2015.

INDG 994.0: Research – Thesis

Students writing a Master's thesis must register for this course.

Note: This course was labeled NS 994 until 2015.

INDG 996.0: Research – Dissertation

Students writing a Ph.D. thesis must register in this course.

Note: This course was labeled NS 996 until 2015.