This Course and Program Catalogue is effective from May 2023 to April 2024.

Not all courses described in the Course and Program Catalogue are offered each year. For a list of course offerings in 2023-2024, please consult the class search website.

The following conventions are used for course numbering:

  • 010-099 represent non-degree level courses
  • 100-699 represent undergraduate degree level courses
  • 700-999 represent graduate degree level courses

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KINA 200.2: How Body Moves Projectiles and Implements

Introduces students to the theoretical and practical study of the common movement patterns from which most Games evolve. Students will gain knowledge and skills in how the body generates and absorbs force using projectiles (throwing, shooting, kicking, spiking, trapping, etc) and implements (bats, racquets, clubs, sticks, etc). Low organized games and lead-up games will be used extensively to teach students the commonalities in teaming and evading used in team games. Students will be assessed on both theoretical and practical content.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours
Prerequisite(s): KIN 150
Note: Students can receive credit for only one of KIN 250.3 or KINA 200.2

KINA 210.2: Introduction to Fundamentals of Movement and Rhythm

Introduces fundamentals of movement and rhythm. Includes basic movement techniques designed to give the student an understanding of body alignment, body balance and control of the centre.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

KINA 211.2: Aquatics

Includes practical and theoretical work. Practical aspects include strokes, lifesaving skills and rescues, resuscitation and first aid training. Opportunity is provided to earn the Lifesaving Society Star Patrol and Fitness Award. CPR-C certification is required. There will be a special fee assessed of approximately $75.00 for CPR certification.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours
Note: Must have one of AquaQuest 7, Swim Kids Level 6, Lifesaving Rookie Patrol or demonstrate equivalent distance swimming (150 meters). Distance swimming is checked by the instructor the first day of classes. Certified WSI Instructors are not permitted to take KINA 211. However, another 2 credit unit activity must be taken in lieu of KINA 211.

KINA 220.2: Basketball

An introduction designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the performance of individual basketball skills and basic knowledge of FIBA rules. Minor emphasis on the basic elements of team play. Level I technical certification possible.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

KINA 226.2: Football

A practical approach to the basic skills involved in competitive football. Such skills as passing, kicking, blocking and tackling will be covered during the class periods. Basic offensive and defensive tactics will also be covered.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

KINA 227.2: Hockey

Fundamental skill areas of ice hockey are covered with some emphasis on team play.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

KINA 229.2: Volleyball

Introduces fundamental techniques in the game of volleyball. Includes description of basic individual skills, the development of teaching progressions, skill analysis and correction and current rule interpretations and officiating techniques.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

KINA 235.2: Track and Field

Introduces basic events of track and field. Develops understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the teaching and execution of each event. A practical approach to develop the ability to demonstrate basic skills. Some coverage of organization and administration in track and field and cross country running. Level I technical certification possible.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

KINA 238.2: Introduction to Combative Physical Literacy

Introduces the fundamental techniques, rules, and lesson planning for wrestling. Develops the student’s ability to detect errors in body position, control and directions and their corrections. Designing and delivering a lesson plans based on Wrestling Canada's LTAD will also be covered.

Weekly hours: 2 Practicum/Lab hours

KINA 445.2: Special Studies in Physical Activities

Restricted to senior students who wish to pursue an advanced planned study in a physical activity. Students wishing to pursue a special study area are required to present in writing a detailed description of the proposed study to a college faculty member with expertise in that area. The faculty member may then wish to sponsor the study by requesting approval from the Assistant Dean.

Weekly hours: 3 Practicum/Lab hours