Subject: Indigenous Studies
Credit units: 3
Offered: Either Term 1 or Term 2
Weekly hours: 3 Seminar/Discussion hours
College: Arts and Science
Department: Indigenous Studies


This course will take an interdisciplinary approach to explore issues of cultural preservation. The objective of the course is to allow students to examine how Aboriginal cultural preservation does or can affect areas important to Aboriginal people. Topics to be covered in the course include cultural representations in museums, repatriation, archaeology, governance, economic development, health, contemporary music, film, youth, urban, resource management, law, and sports, among others. This course has three basic goals: to discuss aspects that form the foundation of current cultural preservation initiatives, to acquaint students with principles of cultural preservation, and to examine how these principles can be applied to different activities, in a way that ensures Aboriginal cultural preservation.

Note: Students with credit for NS 430 may not take this course for credit. This course was labeled NS 430 until 2015.
Prerequisite(s): 12 credit units in senior NS or INDG courses, or permission from the instructor.

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