Subject: Spanish
Credit units: 3
Offered: Either Term 1 or Term 2
Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours
College: Arts and Science
Department: Lang, Lit and Cultural Studies


Have you ever wondered where Spanish came from? What is the relationship between Spanish and other Romance languages? Why are some Spanish words similar to their French, Italian and Portuguese counterparts while others are completely different? Why does the Spanish accent vary so greatly across geographic boundaries? This course answers those questions by examining the evolution of Spanish from its Latinate origins to the contemporary language we speak today. Special attention will be paid to the watershed political and historical events and social movements in Spain from the XIII century onwards, so as to illustrate how such factors are mirrored in the phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic constructions of modern Spanish.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of 18 credit units of university courses
Note: SPAN 114 is recommended. This course is taught in English.

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