This Course and Program Catalogue is effective from May 2023 to April 2024.

Not all courses described in the Course and Program Catalogue are offered each year. For a list of course offerings in 2023-2024, please consult the class search website.

The following conventions are used for course numbering:

  • 010-099 represent non-degree level courses
  • 100-699 represent undergraduate degree level courses
  • 700-999 represent graduate degree level courses

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AGMD 800.3: Public Health and Agricultural Rural Ecosystem PHARE

Provides the foundation knowledge for issues related to rural health, public health and agricultural rural ecosystems. This PHARE course provides an overview of the major health issues, general health, and health service delivery issues facing persons in rural and remote areas of Canada. It provides an overview of the environmental health challenges for rural and agricultural populations in the areas of risk management, injury control, workplace safety, food safety, and protection of the biosphere.

Note: AGMED 800 provides the foundation for the Public Health and Agricultural Rural Ecosystem Training Program (PHARE), a graduate training program funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). As well, AGMD 800 is beneficial as an elective to students enrolled in such disciplines as Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Economics, Community Health and Epidemiology, Engineering and Health Policy.

AGMD 801.3: Introduction to Occupational Health

This course is an introduction to occupational health, industrial hygiene, and the relationship of the work environment to the broader environment. It will provide an overview of occupational hazards and illnesses including their recognition, control and prevention, as well as, the relationship between workplace exposures and the broader environment. This course includes an introduction to compensation and regulatory issues along with site visits to selected industries and job sites.

Weekly hours: 3 Lecture hours

AGMD 990.0: Seminar

Reports and discussion of current research.

AGMD 996.0: Research – Dissertation

Students pursuing a graduate degree must register for this course.